Couchsurfing in Townsville

Me and Patricia came to Townsville to see koalas. And thank travel-god: We saw two koalas in the wildness at our daytrip to Magnetic Island!! But we both got so much more in the small city: We won new friends.

couchsurfing 1

Dave, a cop from Townsville, hosted us in his beautiful house. It was my first experience in couchsurfing and hell, it was a really good one!

Dave, you always asked me how to translate my blog in english. And after the two awesome days in your house, I feel like I can’t thank you for all the things you’ve done. But let me try. This is for you, Dave:

Thank you so much for hosting us! For showing us your hometown, for driving us around fu**in early in the morning and for giving us the time and the place to relax: at your couch and in your fu**in awesome pool!!

couchsurfing 2

You’re a traveler, you know this feelings: After so many nights in hostels, always meeting the same people (most of them from germany), it was the first time we spent a few days with locals. For me it was an awesome new experience! For the first time on my trip through Asia and Australia, I felt like home. Okay, that was easy with imported becks beer! 😉

couchsurfing 3

Me and Patricia had a great time with you and Luke! Thanks for spending your days off with us. You’re a f**ing awesome cop!! And don’t forget: You are famous in germany now, I’m a celebrity on billboard! 😉

But up from now you have to translate my articles. Sorry for that. Use google! Luke can show you how it works, mate! 😉

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